Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 3: Even better than Day 2! We did what we came to do!

Here is quick overview of Day 3. I'll post in detail later. Right after I post this, I am catching the shuttle bus to Invesco Field to attend tonight's acceptance speech.
1. Cast my vote for Barack Obama before breakfast.
2. I participated in recording a radio show as part of a roundtable on “What it means to be a Democrat.” This was a show produced by Minnesota Public Radio.
3. Attended a talk by Dennis Kucinich in my hotel sponsored by the American Muslim Task Force.
4. Shuttle to Pepsi Center
5. Listen to nomination speeches for Hillary and Barack.
6. The Roll Call Vote! – This was the highlight of the day for me until the very end of the program. There were some rumblings among the California delegation when Art Torres passed.
7. Hillary’s call for nomination by acclamation.
8. The nomination of Barack Obama as the Democratic Party’s candidate for President of the United States!
9. Bill Clinton’s welcoming by the delegates and speech
10. John Kerry’s speech
11. Steven Spielberg short film about America’s war veterans, narrated by Tom Hanks (extremely moving)
12. Tammy Duckworth
13. Beau Biden
14. The nomination of Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s candidate for Vice-President of the United States!
15. Joe Biden’s acceptance speech
16. Surprise guest Barack Obama
17. California Delegation Gala at the Colorado Museum of Natural Science

Also, Melissa Etheridge fired us up with a couple great songs at the Pepsi Center.

Whew! What a day!

Day 4 is sure to top it. The excitement and anticipation is in the air all around. Everyone is clamoring for any available ticket. Some great news is that the California delegation leadership came through with Invesco Field passes for about all guests of California delegates. Now my wife, Joan, will finally be able to attend part of the convention in person. And what a part it will be!

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