Sunday, January 06, 2008

"Maybe they're just not into you."

Karen Tumulty of Time has an online article that quotes a senior Democratic strategist close to the Clinton campaign. I think the strategist hits the nail on the head. It's what I've been thinking for some time (emphasis mine):

But it's possible that the most difficult problem is not Obama; it could be Clinton. How can she retool her message — and her identity as a virtual incumbent — to resonate with an electorate that seems to yearn more for change than any other quality? Says one longtime Democratic strategist, who is close to the Clintons: "Fundamentally, she is who she is; she can't change who she is, and maybe this is not her time."
Disclosure: I support Barack Obama, and I am a volunteer for his California campaign.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

9iu11ani's Daughter Supports Obama

I knew that Giuliani was estranged from his kids and that his kids were not going to campaign for him, but this tops even that.