Sunday, June 01, 2008

Only 20 to go after Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico goes 38-17. And Obama got two new supers today. The number of delegates needed to win the nomination is 2117. Obama has 2071 in the bank. He is guaranteed a minimum 17 pledged delegates in MT and SD, plus 9 more superdelegates that have said they will endorse him by June 4 (Jim Clyburn, Margie Campbell, Deb Kozikowski, plus the 6 Pelosi Club members: President Carter, Nancy and Christine Pelosi, Chris van Hollen, Denise Johnson, and Maria Cantwell).

So that leaves only 20 additional delegates for Obama to win. That can come from other superdelegates, from doing better in MT and SD, and from the 13.5 Edwards delegates.

MSNBC was speculating that Obama will already have lined up just barely enough supers prior to Tuesday night, so that the final delegates awarded in MT and SD will throw him over the total amount needed. Sounds good to me.


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