Friday, May 30, 2008

I need your suggestion...

When I am at the Democratic National Convention as a delegate on the floor of the Pepsi Center, I plan to blog here about my experiences. I will certainly post from the hotel where the California and New York delegations are staying (the Sheraton). But I also want to be able to post from inside the Pepsi Center, including photos that I take there. Carrying around a laptop on the convention floor does not seem advisable nor practical, as there will at times be a crush of people around me. Also I expect to be doing a lot of meeting other delegates on the floor, and conducting convention business. Maybe the good folks at Calitics, the DNC-accredited blog that will be blogging from the California location on the floor, will let me freeload on their bandwidth.

I am able to post to this blog via a special email address that Google gave me. My problem is that I do not have a mobile device that sends email and can include photos in the email. Do you think that such a device would be a good solution? What devices would you recommend from your experience that could fill this bill? Is it easy to compose, send and receive email, as well as attach photos to the email? Is there some other solution that I have not thought of?

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